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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    

Play the MESA Sustainability Game
A day at the beach

Play "A day at the beach" online (but read the instructions below first please!)

Our thanks to Coast Action/Coastcare (Victoria) for funding the development of this game.



To play the game you will need a recent version of Flash and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.

One or two people can play. Each player needs to enter their name and select a token before beginning to play.

To start, the first player needs to click on the spinner. The token moves the number of tiles shown by the spinner. See below for the types of tiles you can land on and the actions found with each type of tile. The direction you move in is shown by the small red arrowheads below each tile.

The winner is the player with the highest score after two trips around the board or when you decide to finish.

The board consists of the following types of tile:

Note: There is a mute button available in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen.

You scored 5 points.

You threw back an undersized fish straight after it was caught.
Sample event card

Event tile - these outline events which can happen during your day at the beach. Depending on what they describe, you can gain or lose points or turns and your token may move back or forward. Question tiles - landing on these means that you need to answer a question. You will need to click on one of the two or more choices and then click OK. Points are awarded for the different answers.
Rest tiles - a pleasant image and a chance to relax for a while. The Start tile is used to start the Game.
Unused tiles - another chance for a quick break! No points availabe.    

Your day begins when you wake up at your holiday house on the coast. During the day you will experience common events which all influence our ecofootprint. Points will be gained or lost for these events. You also have the chance to gain points by answering questions related the daily themes for Seaweek 2006.


Play "A day at the beach" online.

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