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  Seaweek 2006: Footprints for our Future    

Seaweek Webcasts
Partnership with DECS

In partnership with the South Australian Department Of Education & Children’s Services (DECS) and ltd, Australia’s national ICT agency for education and training, MESA will utilise the services of DECS Centra virtual classroom technology to educate schoolchildren across Australia about the themes in Seaweek 2006 by delivering ‘live’ innovative and experience-based learning events via Centra.


Centra is a web-based software application designed to provide the tools and facilities to conduct online curriculum delivery, PD, training and meetings.

“DECS has long been recognised by Centra Software Australia as offering the most innovative use of its virtual classroom technology to K-12 children in Australia and it was logical for us to become involved in this pioneering venture” said Roger Edmonds, Manager of E Schooling Services in DECS.

Mr Edmonds has been at the leading edge of using Centra with school children in South Australia, pioneering its use at School of the Air between 2002-4 and most recently using Centra to bring interactive ‘live’ field trips of the Port River dolphins to students across South Australia.

The ‘live’ Seaweek 2006 events will be available to all Australian schools that register through the MESA website. ltd will coordinate the project and DECS will provide the use of its Centra licences to enable all Australian schools an opportunity to participate in this exciting educational adventure. Each event will receive additional support from the Professional Science Teachers Associations of Australia.

For more about EDNA and the MESA Seaweek 2006 webcasts go to

Key Contacts


Roger Edmonds
Manager E-Schooling Services
Department of Education & Children's Services
16th Floor, 31 Flinders Street, ADELAIDE
Ph: 08-8226 4021

Enver Malkic
Project Manager: Centra
Technology School Of The Future
Ph: 08-8463 5999

Education.Au Limited

Dr. Ian Green
Manager, Web Projects limited
182 Fullarton Road Dulwich SA 5065
Ph: 8334 3252

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