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Seaweek 2010: Oceans of Life - ours to explore; ours to restore

Thanks to:

Reef Check Australia

Reef Check Australia has allowed us to reproduce their fact sheets and other materials for Seaweek 2010.

Reef Check Australia is a not-for-profit environmental organisation that engages the Australian community in coral reef conservation at a unique level. We are part of a global network of volunteers who regularly monitor and report on reef health, bringing Citizen Science to environmental issues.

Reef Check Australia aims to protect and help to rehabilitate Australia's valuable coral reefs through a successful recipe of

1) community education, to raise awareness of the key issues, and

2) scientific research, to collect data that contributes to solutions.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority for the use of images from their Image Library Collection.

Vegetarian Network Victoria

Our thanks to David Ogilvie from the VNV for allowing us to reproduce his article "So what's wrong with fish?"

NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australian Government, Catchment Management Authorities(NSW) and Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (NSW)

Our thanks to the organisationsa above for allowing us to reproduce materials from their "NSW Marine Habitat Mapping Project".








Marine and Atmospheric Research


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