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Seaweek 2010: Oceans of Life - ours to explore; ours to restore

Seaweek NSW - activities and events

Date Activity Organisation
January SCUBA Rangers course - NSW MESA rep Abbsearch, Subaquatics
February Seaweek on Lord Howe Island - lessons conducted at the school by NSW MESA rep, Rock Pool search, snorkelling with Howea Divers, activities at the Museum LHI Seaweek committee - Brain Busteed, Peter Busteed, Ian Hutton.
1st March

2nd March    
3rd March Ecology team Marine fringes focus Sydney Olympic Park
4th March Guest speaker Marine diversity - NSW MESA rep Balmain Public School
  Manly Environment Centre Annual Eco Awards - Ocean World, Manly Manly Environment Centre
  Sea week exclusive screening
The end of the line - Reef Theatre Sydney Aquarium
Nature Conservation Council
5th March Aquarium excursion - NSW MESA rep Abbotlseigh Junior School
6th March Funky fins - Puppet Show Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre - Terrigal
7th March Clean up Australia Day dive Subaquatics - Beverly Hills
March Judging Marine Art and Issues poster competition Amanda - Southern Cross University, NSW MESA rep.
March Presentation of SCUBA Rangers cards Abbotsleigh, NSW MESA rep









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