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Seaweek 2010: Oceans of Life - ours to explore; ours to restore

Seaweek WA - activities and events

Seaweek Educators Expo - Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre - 18th February

Seaweek Educators' Expo is a fantastic learning and professional development opportunity you can network with like-minded educators, meet knowledgeable marine and coastal educators and find out the latest in marine education in Western Australia. Seaweek Educators' Expo is suitable for Primary and Secondary teachers, pre-service teachers, environmental educators, and anyone interested in learning more about marine education in Western Australia. Our keynote speaker was (Dr.) Brad Norman (ECOCEAN)  who inspired our participants with his whale shark research and conservation efforts worldwide. The expo was run with 23 Teachers and sessions were run by Department of Fisheries, Rottnest Island Authority, Padbury SHS, Department of Environment and Conservation, Marine Education Boatshed, St Marys Anglican Girls School (whale watching project).

Seaweek at WA Museum, Geraldton


Mini Muses  - Wendy the Whiting
Tuesdays March 2 & 9, 10.00am

Seashells of WA  - lecture by Shirley Slack-Smith
Thursday March 4, 5.30pm

Life along the Leeuwin current  -  lecture by Shirley Slack-Smith
Friday March 5, 10.00am

Film screening “Going with the flow“ tracking the Leeuwin current
Sunday March 7, 2.00pm

Fish feeding
Daily, March 1  - 9, 11.45am

ANZANG Nature Photography exhibition
Daily, February 25  - April 18

Sustainable seas school program
Available throughout the year

Christmas Island - Underwater Festival - 24 -30 April

The folks on Christmas Island have made an executive decision and postponed their Seaweek celebrations to cooincide with their Underwater Festival.

Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre

Activities - all week, primary and secondary students will be participating in activities that focus on Western Australia's unique and divers marine environment. These activities include reef transects, beach walks and Fishing for Sustainability games.

Christmas Island District High School

- will be celebrating Seaweek in April to coincide with the Underwater Festival (see below) - students and staff across the school will be putting on displays and participating in a range of marine education activities on Island with the Department of Fisheries' Community Education Officer.







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