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Seaweek 2012: Marine Debris




Clean Up Australia Day

Schools Clean Up Day

The next Schools Clean Up Day will be held on Friday 2 March 2012.

Schools Clean Up Day 2011 took place on Friday 4 March 2011, however it's not too late to get involved. Your school can register with us at any time of the year for a Schools Clean Up.

Since 1992, Clean Up Australia has been inspiring school communities to care for the environment by holding their own Clean Up. This year's Clean Up involved more than 445,000 students across 2,432 schools Australia wide.

Create a Schools Clean Up Site and receive;

For more information and to register visit:



Clean Up Australia Day

Key dates for the next Clean Up Australia Day

  • Clean Up Australia Day 2012 - Sunday. 4 March 2012
  • Business Clean Up Day 2012 - Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Even though Clean Up Australia Day event is over we still encourage communities, schools and businesses to organise their own Clean Up Day events at any time of the year. Visit our Clean Up Australia Every Day page for details.

Clean Up Australia Day takes place every year on the first Sunday of March. From Perth to Penrith, hundreds of thousands of Australians get stuck in and Clean Up their local environment by collecting and removing rubbish on Clean Up Australia Day. 

In 2011 an estimated 565,510 volunteers across Australia helped to celebrate 21 years of Clean Up Australia by donning gloves and filling up Clean Up Australia Day rubbish bags with an estimated 16,454 tonnes of rubbish at 7,479 registered Clean Up Sites across Australia . A big well done to everyone involved!

For more information and to register visit:




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