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Sustainable Seas and Sustainable Aquaculture

Seaweek Events around Australia

SA - South Australian Marine Species Slideshows and Photo Displays

During and after Seaweek 2014, Janine Baker from the marine citizen science group South Australian Conservation Research Divers (SACReD) will be sharing educational marine slideshows and displays at 7 coastal primary schools in the metro area and Fleurieu Peninsula.

The marine talks and photographic displays highlight some of the weird and wonderful marine species in Gulf St Vincent, including rare and endemic animals. Many of the images in the shows were taken by members and associates of SACReD during the past 7 years of marine field work in South Australian waters.

Some images are also included by the Marine Research Group of the FNC Victoria, with whom SACReD is collaborating on field projects, to learn more about the species richness and diversity of marine invertebrates in southern Australia.

Presentation content is linked with the ACARA Biological Sciences sub-strand understandings, for all primary year levels. Some examples of SACReD's species photo display boards are shown here.

This project is part-supported by an NRM Action Grant for community groups. For more information contact SACReD President Janine:



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