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Teaching Ideas for Sustainable Seas and Sustainable Aquaculture


BeachTeach provides you with a fantastic opportunity to learn and teach about all things marine. Rather than focusing on negative human impacts, we focus on what can be achieved when individuals experience the underwater world for themselves and take action to protect it.

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The Uni of Tas has a pdf of activities related to aquaculture which can be easily modified to be used in any state or territory.

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From the Uni of Florida. There are 8 modules dealing with most aspects of aquaculture. Material consists of detailed downloadable pdfs, Powerpoint presentations and some Quicktime movies.

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An introduction to aquaculture

This unit was developed to enhance the idea that the future of food production in part will be sustained through aquaculture and that our local environment in South Australia provides a world wide valued commodity with tuna and other finfish.


This site provides support for ALabama Education in aquatic sciences, Aquaculture, Recreational fisheries and Natural resource conservation.

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From Public Broadcasting Service "Marine Fisheries & Aquaculture Series: Empty Oceans, Empty Nets ..".

. Each section has an overview, case study, viewpoints and Learn more sections..

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Marine and Aquaculture technology

This covers areas including marine environments, economic and sustainable aquaculture, water safety, appropriate technology, marine Biology including birds, mammals, fish and marine pests, boats and boating, aquariums and their use in cultivation, navigation and marine disasters.

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Marine Aquaculture: Raising Salt Water Fish in Your Classroom

A 101-page teacher guide to creating and maintaining a saltwater aquaculture tank in your classroom or school.

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The AQUA curriculum is an educational tool that can help teachers show students how fun and productive it can be to learn science and other subjects through aquaculture. 

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YouTube Videos

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