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YouTube Videos

South Australian Aquaculture
Published on 29 Jan 2013. A spotlight on South Australia's world class aquaculture industry. The video highlights research and innovation in the sector, and focuses on the state's premium seafood products including Southern Bluefin Tuna, Kingfish, Pacific Oysters and Abalone. (6.35 min)

Nick Arena - Innovation in the NSW aquaculture industry
Uploaded on 20 Sep 2010 The kitchen and bathroom renovator from Sydney's eastern suburbs was happily building a life for himself and his family, when he got chatting to some marine biologists about how wild sea stocks were in decline, and if we wanted fish for the future, we'd have to grow them.( 5.27 min)

Australian Cobia Farm
Uploaded on 3 Jun 2010. One of Australia's few farms that grow Cobia. The Cobia are fed on the Grobest Cobia diet, which is a full marine based feed. The Cobia are one of the worlds fastest growing aquaculture species reaching in excess of 6kg in one year. (3.11}

Series 9 Prawn Aquaculture Gold Coast Marine Episode 14
Published on 28 Jul 2012 Australian Prawn Farmers Association  Research and Development Strategy 2007-12 (2.07)

Cell Aquaculture Ltd
Uploaded on 30 May 2011 Australian company, Cell Aquaculture Ltd, has developed the "Cell" System - a sophisticated, yet simple and economical land based recirculating aquaculture system that delivers premium seafood, in an environmentally responsible manner, consistently throughout the year. As seen on The Russell Goodrick Show. Proudly produced in association with 3.06 min)

Octopus Aquaculture
Uploaded on 11 Aug 2011. The Department of Fisheries aquaculture scientists are working closely with the fishing industry to develop WA's growing octopus fishery. This recently filmed Escape With ET segment looks at the Department's efforts to achieve the "holy grail" of octopus aquaculture by closing the animal's life cycle - breeding, hatching and rearing the octopus to adulthood in captivity. If successful, the Department's scientists will have been the first in the world to achieve the scientific feat and will pave the way to a significant new limb of the aquaculture industry. (3.34)

 Fremantle Octopus Pty Ltd  htttp://
Fremantle Octopus Pty Ltd specialises in octopus fishing and the manufacture of processed raw and value added octopus products for sale in the Australian and overseas markets.   Our Company, Fremantle Octopus Pty Ltd, has been operating in this industry since February 2000 when it was granted an exemption to its Open West Coast license, in order to allow it to fish for octopus.   The species of octopus (O'tetricus) is considered to be one of the best species of octopus in the world due to the quality and colour of its flesh when processed as well as the size of the octopus, its tenderness and flesh structure.  Fremantle Octopus Pty Ltd has not only created a sustainable octopus fishing industry in Western Australia, where none previously existed, it has also built a thriving manufacturing operation that has a reputation for quality seafood products

Weird Facts Aquaculture in Australia
Facts Aquaculture in Australia Aquaculture in Australia is the country's fastest growing primary industry accounting for 34% of the total gross value of production of seafood. Mud crabs have been cultivated in Australia for many. Aquaculture in Australia. Source Wikipedia (3.12 min)



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