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Bridge Ocean Ed Teacher Resource Centre - Marine Aquaculture: Raising Salt Water Fish in Your Classroom

A 101-page teacher guide to creating and maintaining a saltwater aquaculture tank in your classroom or school. The guide breaks down the process into separate classroom activities including step by step directions on constructing a table-size recirculating system. Also available is a student workbook. Grade Level: Middle school, High school.


The AQUA curriculum is an educational tool that can help teachers show students how fun and productive it can be to learn science and other subjects through aquaculture.  Students are taken on a journey through the history of aquaculture, from it’s beginning in ancient China to its importance in polynesian history. The curriculum includes lessons on starting and maintaining an aquaponics system, fish health, water management, human nutrition, and much more!

AQUA Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture

Teachers of all different subjects and grade levels can use the AQUA curriculum to introduce aquaculture and aquaponics to their students. This simple, informal curriculum provides essential information on practicing aquaculture, as well as background information on many different aspects of the industry. It is meant to be a guide for teachers and home educators, complete with central concepts, activity ideas, and several worksheets. Activity ideas are broken down into the following groups: I (elementary), II (intermediate), and III (high school).

Most of the activities are applicable or can be adapted to multiple grade levels, so it is a good idea to read through the entire document and choose which concepts, activities, and worksheets can be applied in your classroom. Many lessons feature “Dive Deeper” and “Did You Know” spotlight boxes. “Dive Deeper” contains links and suggestions for additional discussion topics, and “Did You Know?” features factoids relevant to the Central Concept.

AQUAYouth is the K-12 education component of the AQUA project. The AQUAYouth section of the website has aquaculture resources for both teachers and students. 

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