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SA - Coast and Marine Signs for Seaweek

The Marine Discovery Centre at Henley Beach in South Australia plans to develop 3 interpretive signs, at the West Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, the Henley Sailing Club, and at the end of Marlborough St Henley Beach. the Marlborough St sign will be the closest sign for the 7,000 Marine Discovery Centre visitors.

This has recently been approved by the City of Charles Sturt (CCS). The project will promote catchment to coast issues. This is a very exciting opportunity to promote BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION and CATCHMENT MANAGEMENT – including improved environmental behaviours of our community.

The West Beach Surf Lifesaving Club sign will highlight coastal issues, wades, tides and currents. This is a very highly visited area and would give excellent exposure to your organisation.The Henley Sailing Club sign will feature amazing information about coastal dunes and how they need protection.

The Marlborough St sign will feature seagrasses and stormwater, and will promote behaviours which the general community can do to help. Activities which help our catchments like recycling, fixing car oil leaks and using lawn clippings for mulch will be promoted.

We are thrilled that Marine Life Society of SA (MLSSA), the Adelaide Airport, the City of Charles Sturt, the EPA, Landcare and Coastcare have already agreed to support this wonderful project. for more information, contact Tim Hoile, Director of Marine discovery Centre, 333 Military Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022 or


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