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Craig Bohm, NSW Coordinator
Marine and Coastal Community Network

Location of position: University of Technology, Sydney


Marine area that you work covers: Tracking and promoting better management of NSW Marine and Coastal Issues including marine protected areas, recreational and commercial fisheries, introduced marine pests, as well as helping communities engage in coastal and marine planning and management in NSW.

Further work includes helping build community interest and engagement in Commonwealth-managed fisheries, Australia's Oceans Policy and the development of Regional Marine Plans and Natural Resource Management Plans.

General duties:

Assisting people with submissions to government processes

  • Giving presentations about the marine environment and helping communities engage effectively in coastal and marine resource management.
  • Hosting workshops
  • Providing scientific information to interested parties
  • Producing the Waves newsletter and NSW Regional Ripples insert
    Developing and promoting the use of the Australian Marine Project Guide
  • Managing the NSW Dragon Search project
  • Providing contacts and advice to whom ever asks for it.

Relevant qualifications for this type of work: No fixed qualifications but tertiary qualifications very useful as well as the ability to write. For example, I have:

  • Animal Husbandry and Zookeeper Certificates
  • Degree in Coastal Resource Management
  • Masters Degree in Coastal Resource Management
  • Experience with government agencies and political processes, producing newsletters, etc.

Other: I chose to work in the marine field because fish need a voice on land and because, unlike us, fish cannot vote.

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