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MESA receives many enquiries related to Marine Careers - from students wanting to know what is involved in a particular career to people looking for paid or voluntary employment.

This section will include profiles of people in marine related careers, especially those related to education. We also will profile people who incorporate their "love of the marine environment" into other careers.

We also have a list of the best Marine Career Sites online and if you're looking for a job checkout our Online Job Search section.

Marine Career Profiles
Project Officer - Marine Education/Community Awareness
Coordinator - Marine and Coastal Community Network
Manager - Wet Paper Publishing & Consultants
Fisheries Action Program Coordinator / Education Officer
Technical Officer: Aquatic Ecosystems
Technical Officer: Aquaculture
Fisheries Scientist
Scientific Officer Eco-toxicology
Senior Maritime Officer
Hydrographic Surveyor
Marine and environmental education
PhD in Marine Biology
Studying Marine Education at Tertiary Institutions in Australia
Laboratory Services manager, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA
Polar bear keeper and animal care attendant, Sea World
Collection Manager, Sessile Marine Invertebrates, Queensland Museum
Aquatic Ecologist, frc environmental
Marine Biologist & Science Teacher
Quarantine Officer, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

More Marine Career Profiles
Have a look at the large number of profiles which were prepared for Seaweek 2011.

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The University of Queensland has two courses for those interested in pursuing Marine Biology at a tertiary level. Find out more about these exciting courses:

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Looking for a Marine Career, job exchange or a voluntary position?

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Careers Links

The best links for information about Careers in Marine Sciences and Education.

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