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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Marine Scientist Profiles

Prof Rob Harcourt - Marine vertebrate ecologist
Mike Bossley- Dolphin behavioural ecologist
Claudia Arango - Marine zoologist
Amy Wilkes - Aquarist at Sydney Aquarium (Keeper of marine animals)
Elvira Poloczanska - Marine climate change ecologist
Michelle Blewitt - marine mammalogist
Olaf Meynecke - Marine Ecologist
Charles Lemckert - Physical oceanographer
Ana Vila-Concejo - Coastal processes
Dr Rachel Przeslawski - marine benthic ecologist
Hugh Kirkman - Private consultant. Involved with marine environmental consulting
Joshua Brown - Fisheries Research Scientist WA


Profiles from the "Two Bay Project"

Randall Lee - EPA Victoria, Oceanography/Senior Marine Scientist    
Steffan Howe - Parks Victoria, Manager Marine Science    
Simon Sharp - EPA Victoria, Marine and Freshwater Monitoring Scientist    
Other profiles on the MESA site
Project Officer - Marine Education/Community Awareness
Coordinator - Marine and Coastal Community Network
Manager - Wet Paper Publishing & Consultants
Fisheries Action Program Coordinator / Education Officer
Technical Officer: Aquatic Ecosystems
Technical Officer: Aquaculture
Fisheries Scientist
Scientific Officer Eco-toxicology
Senior Maritime Officer
Hydrographic Surveyor
Marine and environmental education
PhD in Marine Biology
Studying Marine Education at Tertiary Institutions in Australia
Laboratory Services manager, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA
Polar bear keeper and animal care attendant, Sea World
Collection Manager, Sessile Marine Invertebrates, Queensland Museum
Aquatic Ecologist, frc environmental
Marine Biologist & Science Teacher
Quarantine Officer, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  Other profiles on the web
From the Cool Jobs section of the ABC website. These profiles come with videos.
Phillippa Dean - Aquaculturist. Farms fish and researches the physiology and nutritional needs of fish for future farming.
Claire Yeo - Severe weather meteorologist. Predicting severe storms.
Kathy Belov - Geneticist. Studies and researches genes and DNA in different organisms.
Erin McGowan - Archaeologist. Dig up and study old things.
Matt Cupper - Geoscientist. Understanding the earth.
Venessa O’Connell - Hydrographic Surveyor. Survey the coast close up.
Natasha Funke - Ranger - NSW National parks and wildlife service. Manage and maintain our national parks.
The Biomes of the World site has a number of interesting profiles. Select a biome and then click on the link for "Scientist Profiles".
Time magazine article about Sylvia Earle as part of "Heroes for the planet". Sylvia Earle is the best-known woman marine scientist on the planet.
OceanLink has six profiles of Canadian marine scientists.
CReefs Australia has a diary outlining a two week expedition to Heron Island.


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