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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Marine Scientist Profile:

Who am I?
My name is Mike Bossley and I am dolphin behavioural ecologist which means I study dolphin behaviour in relation to the environment.

I work for and my work / research involves:
I work for the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society ( My work involves research and lobbying to achieve better protection for cetaceans and their environments. My research is focused on the Port River dolphins in Adelaide and over the past 25 years I have learned much about the way they use their habitat; their social structure; and the threats they face. Much of my work is involved in establishing Marine Protected Areas for cetaceans.

How does my work relate to marine conservation?
All of my research is designed to provide better information about how dolphins use their environments and the threats they face. This enables the design of marine protected areas and the development of management plans.

Things I like about my job:
I like my job because it enables me to study a fascinating animal and help in its conservation. I also enjoy being out in my boat doing field work.

What inspired you to consider a career in marine science?
I grew up near the water and have always loved the marine environment.

Do you have a favourite marine creature (if so why)?
Although dolphins are my favourite animals I love all marine life. I particularly love marine plants.



Mike taking a photo from a boat

Dolphin with a new born calf.
Photo by WDCS Mike Bossley



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