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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Teaching Ideas




Marine Science Matters! - a unit for primary schools
by Christine Preston - MESA Secretary

Australia is a marine nation, surrounded by oceans and seas, but how much do we know about our aquatic neighbourhood? What we do know is due to collective efforts of marine scientists whose diverse research endeavours have revealed many secrets of the marine world. Much of their work is only known to people interested in their specific field of research. Marine Science is a dynamic and exciting area; our oceans are so vast and so deep that there is huge scope for future research with a multitude of questions still to be answered.

Background Information for Teachers
Key Understandings; Focus Questions; Key Literacy Terms; Key Learning Areas; Outcomes; Key Competencies; Planning Considerations; Some tips to help the unit run smoothly
Sample Unit Sequence and Activity Ideas
TUNING IN: Sample activities
PREPARING TO FIND OUT: Sample activities; Research starters
FINDING OUT: Sample Activities
SORTING OUT: Sample activities
GOING FURTHER: Sample Activities
TAKING ACTION: Sample Activities
REFLECTION: Sample Activities
References including websites

Resource Sheets

Resource 1 - A - Z Marine science (primary)
Resource 2 - Fish survey data sheet (primary)
Resource 3 - Shell identification guide (primary)
Resource 4 - Fish species photographs (primary)
Resource 5 - Scientific drawing (primary)
Resource 6 - Tropical fish wall paper (primary)
Resource 7 - Fish patterns (primary)
Weekend Marine Science
Art and Science
Beach diary
Rock pool audit
Sand science
Shell science
Marine Literacy
Is the news media marine literate?



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