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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Marine Science Matters! - a unit for primary schools





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Australian aquaculture

Australian museum – fantastic links to Fish and Marine Invertebrates

Bureau of Meteorology

CSIRO Wealth from the oceans online Biodiversity poster

Fact sheet Marine voyages discover hundreds of new species in the Southern Ocean

Fishers help scientists

High tech ocean equipment

Impacts of Climate Change on Australia’s Marine Life

Impact of Climate Change on Marine Environment

Marine Microbes – Australian Institute of Marine Science

Oceans Alive - ABC website for kids

Marine protected areas

Ocean swimming

Plastic bags and plastic
Note this is a Youtube video and may be blocked from direct viewing in some schools

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Note the following is an American based study and includes some images of dead sea-birds

Sammy the turtle

Sand science – interactive website

Sand science – news story and audio slide show that includes findings from Palm Beach in NSW.

Scientists question fisheries health test


Sea horse farming

Sea shells of NSW

Sea spiders

Seals and Sea lions

Shark research – CSIRO

Teeming biodiversity discovered in extinct volcanoes off south-eastern Australia

The blue highway ABC’s interactive webpage showing the importance of all the different types of aquatic habitat for fish.

Tasmanian scientists expand their view of the ocean

Using microbes to improve oil recovery

Waves, are they important to our ecosystems?

Whales and dolphins
Australia’s research priorities for Cetaceans

Fantastic site with 3 units of work for teachers and video of Minke Whales.

Non-lethal techniques for studying whales

The role of science in the international whaling commission

Wealth from Oceans Flagship video



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