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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Marine Artwork



Uses forms to suggest the quality of the subject matter.

Emphasises or exaggerates certain qualities of selected subject matter by focusing on details, using distortion and elongation, changing the viewpoint or enlarging or reducing the scale (e.g. in drawing, painting, digital works, video, sculpture).

Fish pattern exploration

1. Show children pictures of tropical fish with striking patterns.

2. Discuss the shapes that the patterns make and ways that the pattern could be used to create an interesting artwork.

3. Children generate an artwork working from a fish pattern by:

  • cutting out a coloured fish picture, e.g. from glossy travel brochures, wrapping paper), or downloaded from websites, e.g. Australian museum – Cool fish images or Butterfly fishes,
  • pasting the picture somewhere on a piece of A4 art paper,
  • using pencil extending the pattern from the fish to the edges of the page,
  • defining the lines with (in this case black texta),
  • colouring the pattern with chosen media (e.g. water colour, acrylic paint, poster paint, crayons, water colour pencils).

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