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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Fish species photographs


Ways to use this resource

These photos can be used as a resource for the scientific drawing exercise (p14), for the representing data exercise (p 12) or for other activities including, for example – comparing and contrasting fish types; observing similarities between similar fish types, e.g. members of the wrasse family. Question – why do scientists use scientific names rather than common names? Look up the scientific names for these fish.


Six spine leather jacket

Eastern blue grouper

Sergeant Baker

Eastern blue devil fish

Yellow tail scad

Crimson banded wrasse


Old wife

Girdled parma

Port Jackson Shark

Yellow fin bream

Spotted wobbygong

Red Morwong

Snakeskin wrasse

Maori wrasse

Black reef leather jacket

Comb Wrasse

Black tip bullseye


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