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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science




Marine Science Matters! - a unit for primary schools    

PREPARING TO FIND OUT: Sample activities


  • During the unit, the students will ask many questions. Talk with the students about the many ways to find the answers including looking, asking and experiencing.
  • Discuss the people or places that might help them find out the answers to their questions. These may include teacher/librarian, expert, parents, Internet or books.
  • Discuss some of the questions students have. Collate into a table form then give them time to find out the answers.
  • During the course of your unit encourage students to add to the table.

Question Grid

What is?
Where/when is? Which is? Who is? Why is? How is?
What did?
Where/when did? Which did? Who did? Why did? How did?
What can?
Where/when can? Which can? Who Can? Why can? How can?
What would?
Where/when could? Which could? Who would? Why would? How would?
What will?
Where/when will? Which will? Who will? Why will? How will?
What might?
Where/when might? Which might? Who might? Why might? How might?

Use different ways of listing students’ comments and questions. For example:

What we know

What we’re not sure about What we want to know

TOP ...   


Research starters

Write incomplete statements on strips of paper and place them in a hat. In pairs students draw a topic out of the hat to research. Students should first record what they already know about the topic before using selected resources to or guided internet research to find out information on their topic. Students report back some of the information gained.

For example:

  • An ichthyologist is…
  • Reducing marine pollutions, benefits ….
  • Organisms that live in intertidal rock pools include…..
  • Some problem marine pests in Australia are…..
  • An oceanographer is a scientist who ……
  • I wonder if sharks give birth to live young or lay eggs. ………
  • Sea grass beds are important because ……

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