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Seaweek 2011: Spotlight on Marine Science

Scientific Artwork



Makes a realistic artwork to show the characteristic features of a living thing.

Investigates characteristic details of living things (e.g. colours, shape, dimensions, limbs, patterns of body coverings) and uses art techniques to do a realistic portrait.


1. Show children pictures of different types of marine life, e.g. fish.

2. Select a fish and demonstrate scientific drawing skills by:

3 firstly drawing an outline that does not look like the fish, e.g.

4 Secondly draw a more accurate outline of the fish, e.g.

TOP ...   


5 Ask the children to identify characteristic features of the fish, e.g. body patterns, size and shape of scales, eye shape and position, number and shape of fins, position of fins, shape of tail, etc.

6 emphasise the importance of scientific drawing is to show the features of the organism so that others can identify it.


Adapted from: Preston, C. (2010). MESA: Supporting teaching and learning about the marine environment – primary science focus. Teaching science, 56 (4), pp. 45-51.



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