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Nathan O'Mahony

MAFRI, Queenscliff, Vic
Technical Officer: Aquaculture
Nathan O'Mahony



Secondary School: Notre Dame College, Shepparton
VCE Subjects: English, Biology, Geography, Maths, Religious Education, Australian History

Tertiary Institute: University of Ballarat.
Course: Advanced Certificate in Natural Resource Management

Tertiary Institute: University of Melbourne
Course: Diploma of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management

Further: Bachelor of App. Science (NRM) Melb Uni.

What are your main work duties?

Keeping of marine finfish broodstock including feeding, tending to fish health, cleaning and maintenance of tanks. In season, breeding of finfish, husbandry of fish larvae and maintaining live foods and algae cultures.

What helped you to get your job?

Prior to employment at MAFRI, I did a great deal of work experience in the fisheries area, including MAFRI Snobs Creek and Kaiela Research station, Shepparton.
Also freshwater section at the Arthur Rylah Institute Heidlberg and the Museum of Victoria. I was part way through my Bachelor's degree when I gained employment at MAFRI, Kaiela Research Station in Shepparton

Career Tips

"Try to undertake as much practical work experience as possible, and make contacts and get yourself known to people in your area of interest"

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