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Freshwater crocodile sun baking on a log on the Katherine River

Fisheries Action Program
Coordinator / Education Officer

Location of position: NT Fisheries (officially the Fisheries Group of the Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development)

Marine area that you work covers: NT Marine Environment including the oceans, wetlands and rivers

General duties: Developing and managing projects that involve studying and managing the sustainability of fish populations and the environment they live in - Writing education lessons on marine science to be used in schools.

Relevant qualifications for this type of work: I have both qualifications in science (Bachelor of Science which included studies in Marine Science) and teaching qualifications (Masters of Teaching) but most people in my type of work have just the science qualifications which is usually enough. In the competitive work environment chances of a job increase when you have more qualifications and experience so that is why I continued studying.

Other: I started my career in the marine education field as a volunteer with NSW Parks and Wildlife while I was at university. In this job I worked as a Discovery Guide taking people on canoe tours and walks along through the bush to the beach where we played beach games. This volunteer work gave me the experience I needed to apply for my first job in the marine science field as soon as I left University.

In my first job I worked with Waterwatch teaching the community (mostly school students) how to test the water quality of rivers and creeks in the Northern Territory. I enjoyed this job because I had the opportunity to travel out to the bush schools in the Northern Territory to teach kids. Some days I traveled up to 400km to visit a school so I got to see a lot of the NT waterways. Many of these waterways had crocodiles in them but most were Freshwater crocodiles, which don't hurt people if you stay away from them.

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