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Susan Duda

MAFRI, Queenscliff, Vic
Scientific Officer
Susan Duda



Secondary School: St. Patrick's College (Launceston)
VCE/HSC Subjects: English, Social Psychology, Speech and Drama, Maths,
Physics, Chemistry

Tertiary Institute: University of Tasmania
Course: Bachelor of Applied Science (First Class Honours: Aquaculture

Post Graduate: RMIT University PhD

What are your main work duties?

Ecotoxicologist: This involves the daily running of the laboratory. I conduct tests and different investigations for various consultancies. An important and ongoing role is the development and optimisation of new tests.

What helped you to get your job?

After completing my degree I took six months off to travel. I then returned to do volunteer work at the university for five months before commencing my honours year.

Work experience gained during this time was really valuable for helping me work out what I wanted to do with my further studies and employment.


Career Tips

"Get as much experience in different areas as you can, so you not only have more skills but you can work out what really interests you."

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