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"Don't you just hate job queues!"
"Don't you just hate
job queues!"

Marine Careers Information Online

Links to the best online resources for Marine Careers. This guide is divided into two sections:

Information about marine careers

Marine and Coastal Studies at the Uni of NSW


UNSW is regarded as a major Australian University centre for marine science with active research environments and excellent facilities in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the School of Mathematics and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Research Careers Applied Careers In Marine Science
Australian Marine Sciences Association


A booklet Careers in Marine Science (CIMS), published by AMSA, details the types of positions available for Australian Marine Scientists and provides details of university courses Australia-wide.

The Society for Marine Mammalogy


The field of marine mammal science has a growing appeal. Yet, many students do not clearly understand what the field involves. This brochure addresses questions commonly asked by people seeking a career in marine mammal science in the United States and provides suggestions on how to plan education and work experience.

The Bridge - Ocean Science Teacher Resource Center


Has a feature called Scientist Spotlight which provides an in depth look at research process as well as the actual research results



marinecareers.net will introduce you to a to a wide range of marine career fields and to people working in those fields. In addition, it will give those men and women a chance to tell you what they like and dislike about their careers, what they see for the future in their fields, and much more. This site will also provide you with some experts' views on what the future holds for marine science careers.

Careers in Marine Science


Advice to Students and Parents From the Scientists of Mote Marine Laboratory. Includes profiles of their staff.

OceanLink Marine Science Career Profiles


Profiles many careers ranging from fish biologist to President of a research company. New career profiles have recently been added. Also has some useful links in their Careers Info section. The site also has an excleent section on the contributions of marine biology to society.

Many universities and institutions also have relevant information. Some of these will be found in the links below.

Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology


No info as such but a large list of links compiled by the librarian at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Remarkable Careers in Oceanography - Women exploring the oceans


This site has many career profiles of women working in various fields of oceanography including Marine Biologist, Geologist, Engineer and Geophysicist.

Careers & Jobs in Marine Biology & Oceanography


Another comprehensive list of links from Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University

Real Science public television KTEH's series - Real Science!


This site contains many short profiles of a wide range of careers related to Marine Conservation - Biologist, Conservation, Biologist, Marine (bones), Biologist, Marine (dolphins), Biologist, Marine (elephant seals), Biologist, Marine (sea canyons), Biologist, Marine (Sea World), Environmental Biologist, Environmental Engineer, Geologist, Marine Meteorologist (Hurricane), Meteorologist (NASA) , Meteorologist (Television), Oceanographer, Park Ranger and Wildlife Ecologist.

Places to look for employment

The World Guide and Information Network to Voluntary Work In Nature Conservation


The Green Volunteers Home Page, claims to be the World's number one Source of Conservation Volunteering Opportunitie, includes Australia.

CSIRO Career Opportunities


CSIRO has a world-wide reputation for excellence and achievement in basic and applied research. Working for CSIRO will give you the satisfaction of making a vital contribution to the future. Search their online database for current employment opportunities. THey have a large marine research division, based in Hobart, Tasmania.

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