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Studying Marine Education at
Tertiary Institutions in Australia (cont)

Studying in Murdoch University WA
Dr Lynnath Beckley

I teach in Marine Science at Murdoch University where students can study for a BSc (Marine Science) and various postgraduate research degrees. The undergraduate marine science degree option is quite well structured with a range of units covering topics like Ecology, Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine & Coastal Management. Students often do a double major with Biology, Environmental Science or Conservation Biology. Some graduates go on to teach and obtain post graduate teaching qualifications and I presume would then be qualified in the marine education field.

Following are flowcharts of our marine science degree and a double major with Marine Science and Environmental Science. It shows the pathway and allows one to pick up extra useful subjects/units along the way.

Marine Science

Marine Science and Environmental Science

From MESA Undercurrents July 2003
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