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  National Conference 1998    
"Seaweeds, Syngnathids and Seashores"
Marine Conservation through Education

Portsea, Victoria
February 13 -16 1998

Keynote Speakers
After the conference

The Program
Inspiring, informative and stimulating Keynote address, practical workshops and papers, a full day at Queenscliff on the other side of the Bay, and great field trips will ensure that all participants find that their attendance at this conference will be rewarding.

The conference has a different theme for each day:

Friday 13: Setting the Scene - Biodiversity in Southern Australia

Through our opening key note addresses through the afternoon workshops, and evening visual displays, participants will discover some of the biodiversity of the region.

Saturday 14: Finding Out

The conference takes the ferry to Queenscliff, via Point Nepean and Popes Eye Marine Reserves, to the Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute for a day focussed on links between research, monitoring and education. A range of field trips and workshops will provide participants with strategies for linking research with marine and coastal education.

Sunday 15: Going further

Today we look at programs for community and schools education programs. A wide range of workshops catering for different interest groups have been carefully selected as examples of strategies for delivery of best practice in coastal and marine education.

Workshop details


Come to Portsea, Victoria for the 11th National Conference of the Marine Education Society of Australasia.

This conference aims to provide marine and coastal educators with practical strategies to effect sustainable long-term use and conservation of our coastal and marine habitats and the life they support. Conference presenters will provide examples of "best practice programs in community and schools marine education" from throughout Australia.

Keynote Speakers

Mr. Tim Allen - Tim is well known though out Australian for his outstanding & untiring commitment to marine education, both in schools & the wider community through the Marine and Coastal Community Network & community radio.

 Dr. Mark Norman - Mark’s studies of octopuses should be the envy of all who are fascinated by marine life - who else gets to work with such outrageous creatures and to discover and describe over 40 new species. Many of Mark’s discoveries must to seen to be believed.

Dr. John Sherwood - An environmental chemist, John Sherwood is a scientist with a passion bringing together science and the community. His work on chemical, physical and biological interactions in estuaries has led him to work towards the sustainable management of estuarine communities.

Mr. Reg Lipson - Marine naturalist, scientific voyeur and underwater adventurer, Reg’s passion for everything marine shows through his regular appearances on Australian T.V. & Radio and his teaching programs throughout the Sth Pacific.


Conference Dinner

The conference dinner on Valentines Day, February 14th, will be one you won't forget with the after dinner speaker being Reg Lipson presenting his colourful talk "Exotica and Erotica of the Deep".

Conference Venue

Set in one of Victoria’s premier tourist destinations, at the gateway to the diverse and picturesque environments of southern Port Phillip Bay, Portsea Camp dates back to 1885 when authorities reclaimed the land from private lease holders in order to erect fortifications and barracks to counter the supposed threat of a Russian invasion. It was then known as Fort Franklin and between 1940 - 45 it was used as a depot to store ammunition. At the conclusion of WW2 its role as a defence establishment ceased. Since 1945 the Portsea Camp (LMCC) has used the site catering largely for school groups.

Gun emplacements at Point Nepean.

Conference participants will enjoy the local favour created by being in Portsea at the best time of the summer season and will being staying in a venue with a location that has magnificent views across the Bay to Queenscliff, beach access, two rock platforms, extensive grounds and a tranquil relaxed atmosphere.

Portsea is located near the Point Nepean National Park and Marine Reserve at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. It is located approximately 40 kilometres south east of Melbourne.

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