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MESA attempts to run a conference every year. MESA also joins with other organisations like the AAEE and the MTAQ to hold combined conferences.

MESA also holds regional conferences, workshops, forums and professional development programs for members throughout Australia.

Previous MESA Conferences
2004 2004 MTAQ / MESA Conference - Sun, Surf and Sea at Noosa
Noosa's tropical resort, The South Pacific, played host to the 2004 MTAQ/MESA conference. The conference was activity based.
2003 Find out about southern temperate and antarctic research, meet some of Australia’s top marine scientists, play with exciting educational resources and enjoy great company, good food and amazing scenery!
2002 The theme for this Conference in Adelaide was "Dive deeper and explore further". Conference Papers available soon.

MESA joined AAEE and VAEE in a combined conference from 15-19 January 2001 in Melbourne. Read a selection of papers from this conference.

2000 The biannual MESA conference "Beyond 2000 - future directions in marine education" was held in April with Fremantle, Western Australia. Read abstracts from the 2000 Conference.
1998 National MESA Conference "Seaweeds, Syngnathids and Seashores - Marine Conservation through Education" was held at Portsea, Victoria. Read selected papers and abstracts from the 1998 Conference

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