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  The World of Crabs    
The World of Crabs

For Teachers

The contents of this website can be used in many ways. It could form an entire unit of work or individual sections could be incorporated into other units of work. For example any of the information sections - Crab Parts (Anatomy), Breathing, Defence, Eating and Life Cycle could be used in a study of Adaptations. The Food chains and webs section could be used in a study of Ecology.

The website is divided into two main areas. These are Information Sections and Activities. It is recommended that students attempt the Information Sections before trying the Activities.

Each Information Section is presented as an e-book. Each section includes a comical, cartoon treatment of the topic. For example, the Breathing section cartoon asks if a crab needs a snorkel to breathe under water. These cartoons can be viewed separately and used as discussion starters.

As students work through the information sections, emphasize that they move their mouse over all the images as there are many extra pieces of information hidden throughout.

To use this website effectively you will require:

  • an up to date web browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer);
  • the Flash plugin available from www.adobe.com;

All links to external sites on the Internet open in a new browser window.

To navigate the site:

The navigation bar near the top of each page should allow you to easily move around the contents of the CD-Rom.

There is also a page students can use for navigation other than the main contents page.

Hermit Crab Links

Vanessa's Crabarium - About Land Hermit Crabs as Pets
The best place to start. This site has information on biology, books about land hermit crabs, caresheets, classroom ideas, e-cards, fun facts, glossary, links and more.

The Crab Street Journal
The Crab Street Journal is an online magazine written by land hermit crab owners for land hermit crab owners.

Land Hermit Crab Owners Society

The Land Hermit Crab Owners Society is mainly aimed at Australians who own or would like to own Australian Land Hermit Crabs and are interested in the Community, Adoption, Research or Education aims of this Society.


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