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  The World of Crabs    
The World of Crabs
This unit has a number of sections related to the biology and ecology of crabs.
Section Contents
Information about Crabs
Introduction Where crabs are found; crab record holders; what is a crab; introduction to crustaceans.
Crab parts Introduction to the anatomy of a crab.
Breathing Breathing underwater; Breathing out of water
Defence Adaptations - structural and behavioural used by crabs to protect themselves from predators.
Eating What crab larvae eat: what adult crabs eat; what eats crabs;
Food chains
and webs
Producers and consumers; role of the sun: food chains: food webs; filter feeders; scavengers and decomposers; marine food chains and webs.
Life cycle The 5 M's - meeting, moulting, mating, mothering and maturing.
Crab Music A song and story about blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay region of the United States.
Glossary Definitions and pronunciation of the key terms used on the unit.
Spotlight on .... More information about the following crabs:
  Blue crabs (part of Defence section)
Hermit Crabs (part of Breathing section)
Soldier crabs (part of Eating section)
Activities about Crabs
What crab is that? A simple key to classify some common Victorian crabs.
Crab for a day Board game, for one or two players, exploring the events that may occur during a day for a typical crab.
Crab Gallery Larger versions of some of the best photographs on the unit.
Crab Match'em A concentration style game covering many key words related to crab anatomy.
Crab Story Read a legend from the Marshall Islands involving hermit crabs and a needlefish.
What's for dinner? A simple fun game that looks at some things which crabs eat and some animals that eat crabs.
Spelling game In this game, students try to recognise then spell the names of various crab parts.
A crab's world virtual tour This activity allows students to move a crab around a marine environment. They can find out some things crabs eat and what eats crabs. This activity is used as the introductory page for students using this unit.
Crab Jigsaw Puzzles Four jigsaw puzzles to choose from.
Crab Cartoons
Breathing Does a crab need something like a snorkel to breathe under water?
Defence There are 3 cartoons related to defence - Burrowing, Defence, Hiding
Eating The diet of a crab depends on its lifestyle. Many crabs are scavengers.
Life cycle Many types of male crabs have a courtship display to attract a mate.
Excretion The excretory systems of the crab have not been included in this material as so little information suitable for student use was available. We have included the cartoon for your interest and amusement.


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