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  The World of Crabs    
The World of Crabs

This unit contains many amazing photographs and a great deal of content. Many of the photographs were obtained through the Flickr (www.flickr.com) website. In some cases they did not provide full details of their name but I have tried to acknowledge them all.

Unfortunately we have not been able to place contributor details under the images used throughout the unit. We felt this could be confusing and distracting to the young users of the unit and would add clutter to many pages.

On behalf of Coast Action / Coastcare wish to thank the following individuals and organisations for their assistance with "The World of Crabs" unit.

Peter Biro (Editor "The World of Crabs")

Special thanks to:

Jane Downing – for her enchanting story and pictures "The Hermit Crab and the Needlefish"
Greg & Terry Artzner, Magpie – for their wonderful song "Tales of the Blue Crab"
Keith Davey, www.keithdavey.com.au author, photographer, educatot – for his amazing photography of all things on the seashore.
Harry Breidahl, Nautilus Educational - for provision of images, writing and editing content for the CD.
Malcolm Beasley, Impact Creativity - Project Manager and for his creativity.
Daniel Thornbury, Impact Creativity - Co-ordinated the development of much of the Flash presentations.

Thanks to the following for permission to use their images.

Amit Patel - Crab hiding in rocks
Anna Dong - starfish caught in the crab trap
Anna Wisniewski - Heron eating crab
Art Jakorev - Hermit crab from Fiji
Artour A - Juvenile spider crab from the Caribbean coast of Panama
Benjamin Pender - Crab image
Bob Bradley, Louisiana State University – crab
Bob Winters, Educating Options - crabs
Calvin Tang - crab eating fish
Carrie Thomas - Crabs trapped in restaurant tank image
Casey Lilenfeld - Live Crabs Do Bite
Catherine - SOLVED - Take a guess!
Charlotte Cawley - Soldier crab
Chia-Yang Tsai - Saunder's Gull Larus saundersi was attacked by crab
Christy - Crab gills
Clare Wood - Soldier crabs hiding
Colin Bleckner - Crab vs. Crab
Colin Leong - soft shell crab
Corina - a baby crab...rare to find this
Dante Dellagnese - Crab racing in Fiji
Daryl Hogg - Soldier crabs
David Sacerdote - Dungeness crab eye
Devereux Hart - Sea Lice
Doy Tan - Crab feeding in corals
Dr. Jonathan Dowell, President, ReefNews, Inc. www.reefnews.com – crabs feeding
Ed James - Cooked blue crabs
Elissa Malcohn - Crab Spider
Elizabeth Zauber, MD - Crab in my brain (coral)
Enoch Ko - crab hiding in a hole
Eric Goldberg - Foaming crab
Erik Isaacson - Crab Claw
Eunice Khoo – Image PA060045.JPG
Fernanda Barrera - Sally light foot crab
Ferran Pesta - eurasian spoonbill fishing and eating crabs
Frank Fenzl - feeding barnacle
Frank Gloystein – Mating crabs, goldsinny
Geoff Spiby – crab
Gergely Antal - crab waving for sex
Hung Chi-Feng & Pan Yu-Wen - harlequin crab moulting sequence
Jacob Gibbs - Crab Eating Mussel
James Lee – Box crabs mating
Jeff www.andiamnotlyingforreal.blogspot.com - working a crab
Jennie Mahon - Eddie the hermit crab
Jenny - Adam's urchin crab holding eggs
Jenny Spadafora - crab eaten
Jessica Woodrum - Ants eating the dead crab
Jo - Spider crabs fighting
John Alexander - Sunstar Eats Crab
John Carter, john@therefromhere.org - Soft Coral Crab
Judith - hermit crabs feeding
Kerrie Trees, Adventure Education - various crabs
kim Isaksen
Kumar Ravichandran - Spider crab
Leo Dirac - Horseshoe crabs
Leslie F. Miller - Blue crab sculpture
Lisa Brown - crab larva
Lou King Corciega - Spider crab
Luis Isidoro - Crab feeding
Magdalena Fischhuber - Soldier crabs
Marcus Ng - Stone crab (Myomenippe hardwickii)
Marj Kibby – "Dusty"
Martin - crab larvae saying hello
Martin Ed (Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science) – Crab
Mary-Anne - Triumph Image
Matt (greenkayak73) - Crab trap
Matthew Twining - Florida Keys crab
Melita Tubbs - baby crab in a rock pool
Michelle Manhal - Robber Crab Photo
Mona Dienhart - spider crab
Nick - Many many little crabs eating a dead fish and piling up foolishly
Nick Clarke - Soldier crab art
Peter Bryant, University of California , Irvine - (http://mamba.bio.uci.edu/~pjbryant/biodiv/crustacea/Decapoda/Sand crab.htm) – Sand Crabs
Peter Kelly - Crabeater Seal
Peter Roopnarine – crabs fighting
Phil Hodgkins - Blue Crab
Raymond Chan - www.hkdivephoto.com/raymondchan/hongkong4/show001.shtml
Rhonda Coffey, Friends of Barwon Bluff, www.barwonbluff.com.au/ - various
RK and Tina - Backside View of Sally Lightfoot Crab Ready to Mate
Robert D Raio - "Chill'n"
Ruthanne Annaloro (1bluecanoe) - Crab Attack
Sidlingers family - Crab trap image
Sjoboen, A. D. and Dunbar, S. G. 2006. Web dissection guide for the striped shore crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes. www.llu.edu/llu/grad/natsci/dunbar/dissection.html - Crab dissection
Steffen - Sea urchin
Steve Roe www.flickr.com/photos/steveroe/19348230/ - Mating crabs
Swee Cheng - Crab-eating water snake
Tina Owens - Pompom crab image
Tri Minh Pham - coconut crab
Ursula Quack, Marine Discovery Centre, Henley - various crabs
Valter Jacinto - fiddler crab
Vanessa Pike-Russell – hermit crabs
Victoria Garza - Sally Lightfoot Galapagos Crab
Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre Tasmania - various crabs


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