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International Connecting Flights

Migratory birds need healthy Cool Seas all over the world.

This project came about as a cooperative venture between Australian marine educators and Korean scientists. The similarities between the marine environments of Australia and Korea astonished both groups.

Of course, people can be a bit slow to make such connections - but migrating wader birds have been making the connection for many hundreds of years!

The productive tidal flats of Korea and Australia - and many other countries - are essential feeding grounds for a wide variety of migratory waders. Many of these tidal flats and other waderbird habitats are subject to international conventions such as the Ramsar convention. It is clear that all countries need to protect these special marine and coastal environments - not just for their own use, but to ensure that this natural, world-wide ecological connection is not broken.

For more information about migratory birds, the Ramsar convention and other wader-related issues, visit the official Ramsar site and the IUCN (World Conservation Union) via our links page.

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