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Welcome to the Cool Seas of Planet Ocean!

THE COOL SEAS OF PLANET OCEAN!  Click below to start exploring!  (You'll see this picture on other pages in our site.)

"A coffee-table primer in temperate marine ecology....explore and discover some of the secrets kept by the world's fragile and beautiful cool seas. This site is definitely worth a bookmark."

Mark Rodrigue, Past President, Marine Education Society of Australasia.

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This site aims to promote a greater understanding of cool seas as a small step towards conserving
the world's most poorly understood marine ecosystems.

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Produced by Julie Murphy and Patrick O'Callaghan for the Australian Marine Sciences Association with assistance from Je Jong-Geel, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute.

Made possible through a joint programme between the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation.

Copyright Julie Murphy and Patrick O'Callaghan 1999.

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