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  MESA - Great Barrier Reef Match'em Game    

In this game you are required to find the matching pairs - a photograph of a Great Barrier Reef animal and its name as a word.

You can select the Match'em 12 Game (12 pairs) or the Match'em 6 Game (6 pairs).

One or two people can play. Just enter your name/s in the spaces provided and click the button to begin your game.

Each player takes it in turn to pick a pair of cards. When you match a pair, it is entered onto your score and you are given some information about the animal.

There is more information on the review page which can be accessed after playing the game.

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Our thanks to Coast Action / Coastcare (Victoria) for funding the development of this game.

Our thanks to the GBRMPA for the use of all images in this game. The images are from the Image Collection.


Thanks to Kerrie Trees and Harry Breidahl for their advice during the development. Special thanks to Erika Mercer and Niels Gesthuizen for their reading and letting us use their voices. Finally, thanks to Alek from Mandomartis Software who developed the software template used to produce this game.
Developed by
Marine Education Society of Australasia

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