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Both the Aquarium of the Pacific and
Cabrillo breed their own brine shrimp.
California and Florida Dreaming 2004
Harry Breidahl

Late in June 2004 MESA members Jane and Harry Breidahl fly off to the USA to meet up with MESA/MTAQ member Simone Baker for a 4 week study tour of California and Florida.

The idea of MESA study tours began in 1990 when John Tomkin (MESA president at the time) led a party of 23 members and associates on a tour of the west Coast of the USA. Since that time a number of MESA members have returned to the USA and California and Florida Dreaming 2004 is the latest study tour to follow John's original footsteps.


One of the projects that has developed as a result of this overseas travel and networking is the joint MESA the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) partnership scheme called Sea ExChange. If you are interested in finding a suitable Sea ExChange partner, or just keen to find out about some of the great marine education centres and programs in the USA why not work through our itinerary then read the postcards as we trip around California and Florida then attend the NMEA conference in St Petersburg.



Los Angeles CA – June 29 to July 1
San Diego CA – July 2 and 3
Santa Barbara CA – July 4 and 5
The Big Sur CA – July 6
Monterey CA – July 7 and 8
Santa Cruz CA – July 9 and 10
Fort Pierce FL – July 12 to 14
Orlando FL – July 15 and 16
NMEA conference – July 18 to 20
NMEA conference – July 21 and 22

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