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  Marine Worms    

Marine Worms

Marine worms are worms that live in a marine environment. Marine worms belong to many different phyla, including the Platyhelminthes (flatworms) , Nematoda (roundworms), Annelida (segmented worms including tube worms and bristle worms), Chaetognatha (arrow worms), Hemichordata (acorn worms), Phoronida (horseshoe worms), Nemertea (ribbon worms or proboscis worms), Sipunculid worms (peanut worms) and Echiura (Spoon Worms and Innkeeper Worms).

Marine worms are found living under boulders of rocky ocean shores, among the holdfasts of algae, in mud, sandy mud and in sand, while others build tubes in which to shelter. They can be carnviores, herbivores or parasites. They are found at all depths including hydrothermal vents and hydrocarbon seeps in the depths of the oceans.

Marine worms may only have their shape and the fact that they have 'worm' in their name in common.

Diversity in marine worms





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I would sincerely like to thank the many members of the Flickr community who have given me permission to use their wonderful images for this unit. Their contributions really make this unit come alive!

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