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Thursday 06th January 2011
Seaweek begins in two months!

The theme,“Spotlight on Marine Science”, profiles marine science endeavours exploring the earth’s least understood habitat, the marine environments of the world. The theme also provides a focus for students in schools and for communities to inform and inspire them about the significance and value of research on marine and coastal environments. Through a spotlight on the work of scientists we can learn more our marine environment to understand its complex ecosystems and become better equipped to preserve it.

Monday 27th December 2010
New unit on Fish released on the website

This unit explores the ecology, anatomy, reproduction and more of Fish including Bony fish, Cartilaginous fish, Lobe-finned fish and Agnatha. Includes a Photogallery and videos from YouTube.

December 2010
New Queensland Rep for MESA

Laura Dunstan, the Community Support Officer for NQ Dry Tropics has replaced Jo Roberts as our rep for Queensland. Thanks to Jo for her work and welcome Laura. Find out more about Laura.

June 2010
Honour for MESA member

MESA member Harry Breidahl was recently honoured by this group and travelled to the NMEA conference in Tennessee to receive the NMEA National Marine Educator Award for 2010


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