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  Sounds of the Sea    
Sounds of the sea .. sound files with a marine flavour

Whales, marine mammals well
known for their songs.

In this section we will bring you sounds with a marine flavour. From interviews to conference papers to the sounds of waves and whales.

To begin this new feature, we bring you two programs from Radio Marinara presented on Melbourne community radio station 3RRR, The first is an interview with Prof D Bellamy, Dr S Earle and Dr D Suzuki. The second is deals with Victoria's Marine National Parks.


 Files available

Interview with Prof D Bellamy, Dr S Earle and Dr D Suzuki.
Approx 34 mins and 4 Mb mp3 file

This was first broadcast live on 3RRR's Radio Marinara on March 7, 2002. Produced and presented by Bron Burton and David Speller. © Copyright 2002 Triple R Broadcasters Ltd.
Marine National Parks for Victoria
Approx 5.35 mins and 656 Kb mp3 file
Written by C. Oke and M. Pavlich, produced by M. Pavlich, S. Schram and C. Oke © Copyright 2002 Triple R Broadcasters Ltd.

There are an assortment of public domain sounds available on the WWW.

Making Waves - Marine Science Radio on the Web! June 20, 2003

If you missed the first part of Making Waves, a new Marine Science radio series aired every Monday at 10.40am on ABC 630 AM, you can listen to all the Making Waves shows and see pictures of marine scientists in action on the ABC's new Making Waves website.

Over the next ten weeks in Making Waves, JCU marine biologist Tim Prior gets out on the water to meet all kinds of local marine scientists. He'll be doing everything from searching for rare coastal dolphins to catching a feed in some
five thousand year old fish traps.

Making Waves was made by Chloe Lucas and Tim Prior, with help from the ABC's Regional Radio Fund.
Bubbles (3 secs wav file - 41 Kb)
Dolphin 1 (1 sec wav file - 54 Kb)
Dolphin 2 (2 secs wav file - 118 Kb)
Ocean (11 secs wav file - 93 Kb)
Scuba (13 secs wav file - 284 Kb)
Waves (small) (18 secs wav file - 196 Kb)

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