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  Great Barrier Reef: Teaching Unit    

Unit on 'The Great Barrier Reef and its Coastal Zones'

Core Learning Outcomes
This unit focuses on the following core learning outcomes from the Years 1-10 SOSE and Science Syllabuses.

In Place and Space:

3.1 Students compare how diverse groups have used and managed natural resources in different environments.
3.2 Students create and undertake plans that aim to influence decisions about an element of a place.
3.3 Students cooperatively collect and analyse data obtained through field study instruments and surveys, to influence and care for a local place.
3.4 Students use and make maps to identify coastal and land features.
3.5 Students describe the values underlying personal and other people's actions regarding familiar places.
3.6 Students cooperatively identify an environmental issue of concern and contribute to its resolution.
3.7 Students describe how natural and built elements give character and importance to local and internationally recognised places.
3.8 Students articulate a code of environmental conduct for personal use of resources.
4.2 Students predict the impact of changes on environments by comparing evidence.
4.3 Students participate in a field study to recommend the most effective ways to care for a place.

In Time, Continuity and Change:
3.2 Students create sequences and timelines about specific Australian environmental and social changes and continuities.
3.4 Students organise information about the causes and effects of specific historical events.

In Life and Living:
3.1 Students draw conclusions about the relationships between features of living things and the environments in which they live.
3.3 Students describe some interactions between living things and between living and non-living parts of the environment.
3.4 Students recognise patterns of similarity and difference within and between groups of familiar living things.
3.5 Students establish a model environment which meets the needs of living things within it.

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Pictures from our 'Habitat of the Month' section on the MESA website.

For more information about the Great Barrier Reef visit the link above.

Text and pictures courtesy Angela Coliver, GBRMPA.

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