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Theme: Communities Celebrating the Sea

Seaweek '88 coordinators: Julie Swartz, Pauline Halpin, Greg McGarvie

Personal Actions

These educational activities are adapted from the Marine Life Resources Kit of Seaweek'89 by the Marine Studies Centre, Queenscliff

Turn your awareness into personal actions:

  • Consider the beach as a home and habitat for numerous plants and animal. Remember to take only photographs and leave only foot prints.
  • Have a minimal impact when visiting the coast eg use marked tracks and take all your rubbish home.
  • Leave rockpool animals and plants in the water.
  • Fix your car leaks, more oil ends up in the sea from urban run-off than from tanker spills.
  • Stow it don't throw it, on fishing or boating trips ensure rubbish bins have lids and are emptied when you return home.


Further Resources


Farrugia, J. & Linford, C. An Octopus¹s Garden An Early Childhood Marine Education Resource Guide (1996) Victorian Institute of Marine Sciences.

McCracken, M & R. (1989) The Sea and Other Water Ideas for Teachers.

CD Rom

Ecotrekker, An Environmental Mystery, CSIRO.


Gould League Victoria, eg Beachcombing, Rockpool Life, Seabirds, Seahorses and Sea Dragons, Sharks, Shells of SE Australia, Whales and Poster Activities for Teachers Book.


Coast Watch for Kids, Hatfield Marine Science Centre

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