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Theme: Turn the Tide

Seaweek '90 coordinator: Don Alcock

Extending the theme - classroom activities

Take steps in protecting our coasts and oceans:

  • Act locally and get involved in a Coastcare group. Assist in a local projects to protect, monitor or rehabilitate the coastal and marine environments.
  • Make sure all your rubbish goes into bins for correct disposal or recycling, at home, at the beach and while boating.
  • Know all the beach, boating and fishing regulations.
  • Keep street drains clean, all the water washes to the beach taking with it rubbish, chemicals, plant clippings, dirt and oil.

Futher Resources


Gould League of Victoria Publications:

Australian Guide to Seashores; Caring for the Coast; Coasting; Coastal Survival; Coastal Wildlife; Outdoor Environmental Games; Exploring the Oceans; Riding the Tide.


Blast off oceanography

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Understanding the theme
Exploring the theme - event ideas
Extending the theme - classroom activities
Personal Action
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