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  Seaweek 1990    

Theme: Fish for the Future

Seaweek '91 coordinator: Don Alcock

Personal Actions

Play your part in marine conservation for future generations:

  • Find out all you can about the rare and endangered fish and marine life in your region.
  • Be a caring fisher, collect only the bait that you will need, keep only the fish you will eat and return undersized fish to the water.
  • Become involved in programmes to improve or restore vital fish habitat.
  • Clean bilges and sumps out regularly on land to prevent oil leaks in the ocean.
Further Resources


Coleman, Neville. Shells Alive, Australian Marine Fish, Australian Fish Behaviour, Nudibranchs, Sea Stars of Australia, Sea Birds.


C Broderick, B Huston, J Huston, J Smith, and M Wild. Fish for the future Education Pack (middle and upper primary focused), Publisher Fisheries WA, 1998

CD Rom

CALM WA. (1999) Marine life in Western Australia www.wa.gov.au/westfish


Sustainable seas expedition www.nationalgeographic.com/seas/

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Understanding the theme

Exploring the theme - event ideas

Extending the theme - classroom activities

Personal Action

Further Resources

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