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  Seaweek 1993 - Caring for our Coast    

Theme: Caring for our Coast

Seaweek '93 coordinator: Bob Moffatt & Glenn Tonges

Personal actions

It ís easy to care for our coast, you can make a difference:

  • Hold on to your cigarette butt, our streets and beaches are not ashtrays.
  • Keep four wheel drives and trail bikes off protected and sensitive beach areas.
  • Carry a plastic bag and clean up after your pets.
  • Use the beach not the sand dunes when picnicking or playing.
  • Leave shells on the beach for use by other animals as shelter and for other people to enjoy.

Further Resources


Edgar, Graham. (1997) Australian Marine Life: the plants and animals of temperate waters Reed Books Victoria

Tsernjavski, N. (1994) A.B.Sea; A Cross Curriculum Marine Studies Guide for Prep-Year 12 Warrawee Publications, Australia.

Gould League of NSW (1996) Karen Sander and David Tribe Conserving our Coasts Gould Leaguer Vol 5, No.3.

Junior Topics, Ashton Scholastic Fish; The Sea; Shipwrecks; Sharks.


Bay Litter Watch, Beach Activities & Marine Education at the Gould League

Marine Discovery Centre

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Understanding the theme

Exploring the theme - event ideas

Extending the theme - classroom activities

Personal Action

Further Resources

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