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  Seaweek 1995    

Theme: Celebrate the sea - Restore the Balance

Seaweek '95 coordinator: Brian Mackness

Personal Actions


Marine environments are vital to our survival, together we can help restore the balance:

  • Remember the link of sea and sink, dispose of wastes properly.
  • Plant, don't pave, landscaping allows water to soak into the ground slowing water runoff to the sea.
  • Plastic kills marine wildlife, don't allow any rubbish to enter the sea.

Further Resources


Dracup, M. (1988) Beach for Kids Collins Dove, Australia
Collins Eyewitness Explorers: Seashore; Shells; Oceans Harper Collins, Australia
Lipson, R. (1998) The Living Ocean Australia Post Group
Parish, Steve. (1997) First Field Guide to Australian Marine Life Steve Parish Publishing


Marine Sector of the CSIRO, choose marine from index: www.marine.csiro.au

Oceanography K-12 resources for schools www.whoi.edu/k-12/k12-resources.htm


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