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  Seaweek 1997    

Theme: Celebrate the Sea: Explore the deep

Seaweek '97 coordinator: Lin Fairlie

Personal actions

Everything we do has an effect somewhere else, from the highest mountains to the deepest seas

  • When shopping choose products that have not come as a result of destruction to deep sea marine habitats eg ask/read how the seafood was caught and find out what effect the fishery is having on the ocean ecosystems

  • Research and discover more about our amazing oceans, from the beach to the deep sea, use videos, CD Roms, internet sites, books and magazine.


Further Resources


Hughes, R. (1985) Australia's Underwater Wilderness, Ure Smith, Sydney
National Geographic Vol 191(1), Jan 1997 Beneath the Tasman Sea;
National Geographic Vol 190(4) Oct 1996 Life without light
Gould League of SA 1995 Cetaceans A Cross Curriculum Package for Primary and Lower Secondary Teachers
Gould League of Victoria Arts and the Environment.


Creatures of the Deep, (1995) Gould League of Victoria


Kidlink, a list of sites with fun and informative marine education and activities for children: http://oceanlink.island.net/


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Understanding the theme

Exploring the theme - event ideas

Extending the theme - classroom activities

Personal Action

Further Resources

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