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  Seaweek 1998    


Celebrate the Sea: Clean Oceans

"But what makes them dirty?"
Seas cover more than 70% of the earth's surface and play a vital role in our lives.

How do we depend upon and benefit from the oceans?
Why must we be concerned for their wellbeing?

Think about the role oceans play in controlling climate and weather and providing us with food, energy, minerals, recreation and routes for communication and transport.

Consider the land and sea links! What is the connection? How are we having an impact on the oceans?

Consider the 'Clean Oceans' issues
  • Land and sea links
  • Catchment management
  • Pollution and oil spills
  • Dumping and ballast water
  • Litter and marine debris
  • Government policy and programmes
  • Healthy habitats and natural cleaning systems

Seaweek '98 will be exploring the clean ocean issues and celebrating the seas by:
  • Organising activities and events around Australia
  • Producing an educational kit which includes a primary & secondary school booklet, a new section with material for community groups and other valuable educational resources like flyers, fact sheets and posters
  • Enhancing awareness and education through the homepage
  • Promoting Seaweek nationally
  • Linking to the International Year of the Ocean 1998
Seaweek '98 is a national public awareness campaign conducted every year to focus community awareness, provide increased information, and encourage an appreciation of the sea and marine habitats.
National Seaweek Office

Co-ordinator: Barbara Jensen
PO Box 664
Byron Bay 2481
Telephone/Fax: 02 6685 7067
Email: bjensen@om.com.au

1998 International Year of the Ocean


Seaweek '98 is an important educational focus for the International Year of the Ocean..

The Seaweek resources can be used with your class or community group to explore issues about our oceans.

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Sample activities

Understanding the theme

Exploring the theme - event ideas

Extending the theme - classroom activities

Personal Action

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