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  Seaweek 1999 New Zealand    

Theme: Nga Taonga a Tangaroacea
'Treasures of our Coast'

Personal actions

Biodiversity brings benefits to every part of our lives and needs our help:

  • Dispose wastes properly from your garden, aquarium, swimming pool and fish pond.
  • Protect wildlife by controlling pets or leaving them at home when you visit the beach.
  • Revegetate cleared area. Choose your garden plants with care. Plant local native trees and shrubs they belong to your soil, climate and wildlife.

Further resources


Breidahl, Harry. ( 1997) Australian Southern Shores Lothian Books Victoria
Gould League Victoria Foodweb Classification and Biodiversity
NSW Environment Protection Authority (1999) Biodiversity - A Teaching Guide Chatswood NSW
Slater, Pat. (1997) Amazing Facts about Australian Marine Life Steve Parish Publishing


Community Biodiversity Network

More links and resources are available in the Teachers Resources.

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Personal Action

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