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  Seaweek 2004 Events    

Immersed in the sea for
Lord Howe Island Seaweek
February 7 - 14th 2004
Report from Barbara Jensen

If you want to be inspired and informed about the marine environment book your place now, for Seaweek 2005 at Lord Howe Island. A peaceful isolated island with stunning natural beauty, friendly community lifestyle and endless nature based activities.


You can explore the marine environment with reef snorkels, (a short swim from the beach), night snorkels, low tide rocky platform walks, deeper lagoon snorkels, kayaking, glass bottom boating, boat trips, diving and close up encounters with nesting seabird colonies and visiting waders.

Lord Howe has an interesting geology and thanks to the East Australian Current and the Tasman Wind Drift, it has tropical and temperate influences to create a huge biodiversity including many endemics. The terrestrial environment is also worth a mention with short to long and strenuous walks, abundant cycling and very interesting vegetation and plant communities.

With an exciting Seaweek programme, it was easy to get immersed in the Lord Howe natural history and the museum provided further interpretation through displays, slide shows and talks. Ian Hutton a local naturalist, who coordinated the program of activities, provided plenty of opportunities to discover and learn about the marine scene. As well he involved the Marine Park Manager, visiting fish researchers and local tourist operators.

Ian also put together a Seaweek school programme. The students took park in snorkeling and glass bottom boating as well as several talks and activities back at school. There was a poster competition and the Marine Park manager not only bought in a shark to school but worked with the students to put a submission into the Lord Howe Island draft marine park management plan.

Those that took part in Seaweek 2004 'Discovered me in the sea', did just that! The only experience they missed out on was the coral spawning, by just one night. MESA congratulates Ian Hutton on this very successful Seaweek and encourages everyone to think about what you are doing 8 nights after the February full moon next year! The pictures are thanks to participants, J Retchford, L Spencer, I Hutton and S Jensen.

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