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Seaweek 2013: Sustainable Seas

More Resources and Ideas


We hope you can join us for our first public lecture for 2013 – Sydneysiders and Sharks – which is sure to  be captivating! 

This lecture is offered as part of Seaweek 2013. Seaweek is the Marine Education Society of Australasia’s (MESA) major annual education campaign to increase understanding and appreciation of theocean and its living organisms.

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th March.


7th March - Helene Marsh talking about conserving dugongs.

9th March - Sustainable Seas Trivia night at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

More info from - $50 for a 30 to 40 minute presentation

Beach Teach

During Seaweek the Seaweek Sustaianable Seas Presentations are being offfered at half price - $50 for a 30 to 40 minute presentation. See -presentations/876


More about events at Sydney Aquarium

Claudette Rechtorik and Amy Wilkes have discussed a few ideas we can incorporate here at the Aquarium for Sea Week. The main concept is to create a Sustainability Pledge Wall. Claudette has arranged to get a net and we are going to string it up in our Dugong area and encourage people to pin pledges to the net about what they will do this year to improve their sustainability.

We will be handing out a Brochure at the start of the Aquarium explaining what its all about and will be arranging to incorporate additional information in talks throughout the aquarium to educate people a bit more about some of the issues facing our oceans and to give them ideas on what they can pledge. Hopefully the best Pledges can be combined to form an online “heros wall” or something similar.

We will also be encouraging the sale of Keep Cups, with a free coffee on purchase, and reusable water bottles in the cafes of the aquarium, as a active pledge idea.


Claudette has also arranged for, eminent dugong scientist, Helene Marsh, to do a talk that week too (more info and booking for it can be found on the SLCF website).


Finally we are going to organize a staff “nude lunch” day. Were we will avoid lunch where there is any waste created.

Sydneysiders and Sharks
Free Lecture, Wednesday 6th March 2013, 7 pm




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