The Final Product

Students around Australia in primary and secondary schools have been invited to contribute drawings and artworks that will transferred to ceramic tiles to produce a feature wall or walkway as part of a landscaping or structural project at a location to be determined.

Cronulla HS (NSW) mural

The concept drawings that have been developed for the project evoke a sense of journey around the Australian coastline.

Representing changes in the marine environment by the use of background line and colour, this journey will represent the range of environments and living things that encountered around the coast.

Lines representing the stormy southern oceans to the calmer tropical water will hold the mural together as will depictions of the changing nature of bottom of the sea from kelp forests in the south to the tropical reefs of the north.

Superimposed on the background will be work developed by students in primary, secondary, and senior secondary art classes that represent examples of the large and small animals and plants that make up and represent local biodiversity.

The project is one that needs a major public venue for to realise its cultural and educational potential.

Progress Report

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